The Best New Year Liquors and Spirits

The Best New Year Liquors and Spirits

We’re fast approaching the new year and no celebration is complete without some booze! Celebrations this year might be a little different, but an intimate gathering with your favourite people and great booze almost makes better company. We’ll show you the best spirits and liquors to usher in the new year!

1. Roku Gin

One of the most notable spirits out of the Suntory collection, Roku Gin is crafted from six very special botanicals sourced in Japan. Roku Gin emulates the four seasons in one perfectly distilled drink, laced with notes of sakura, gyokuro, sansho pepper and yuzu peel. Crowned by many as their go-to gin, Roku Gin offers a refreshingly light twist to the traditional gin with a clean and crisp finish. Enjoy it on the rocks with a slice of lime or with a splash of tonic to experience its full flavour profile.

Photo from The London Gin Club

2. KAKUBIN Japanese Whiskey

Another one of our favourites this season is Suntory KAKUBIN Japanese Whiskey. Definitely a lighter alternative to the classic whiskey, KAKUBIN Japanese whiskey delivers a unique brightness with a sweet aroma and ebbs into a crisp, dry finish. It is a highly versatile whiskey and pairs great with a celebratory night of food and drinks! KAKUBIN Japanese whiskey is best served as a highball. Raise a glass of KAKUBIN highball (or two) this New Years Eve!

Photo from LiquorLand Toast

3. Monkey Shoulder Whiskey

Monkey Shoulder is a whiskey classic! Made from a superb blend of malts, it is a smooth, creamy and flavourful whiskey. Expect a pleasant buttery sweetness that eases so elegantly into a smokey and slightly spicy finish on the palate. Savour the multi-dimensional flavour of Monkey Shoulder whiskey neat, over ice or mixed well in whiskey cocktails! A delightful toast into the new year indeed!

Photo from The Spirits Business

4. Bailey’s Irish Cream

Bailey’s Irish Cream needs no introduction. A creamy, decadent liquor can be used in a multitude of ways! It’s taste is distinctly described as a harmonious marriage of vanilla and oak, along with light chocolate and caramel notes. This is great for those who prefer to mask the strong flavour of whiskey yet still enjoy a nice kick! Enjoy it on the rocks, mixed into a delicious cocktail, splashed into your coffee or used in many confectioneries and cakes.

Photo from Simply Scratch

5. Cointreau

If you enjoy fruity flavours, Cointreau is just the thing for you! It is a clear orange flavoured liqueur made with both bitter and sweet orange peels to give you the perfect blend of citrus. Cointreau pride themselves in using minimal ingredients, using only orange peels, sugar and water. True to its description, Cointreau delivers a sweet, strong but crisp orange flavour and perfume that adds brightness to any drink. Cointreau is best enjoyed in cocktails such as a classic margarita, sidecar or mimosa!

Photo from Pure Wow

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